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SHAD 2018 Applicant Reference
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* Please rank the student in the grid below in comparison to all students in your experience.
  Academic Strength Personal Accomplishments
(extracurricular involvement)
Communication Creativity Ability to work with others Maturity
Above Average
Unable to Judge

Please comment on and provide specific examples to support your rankings above. Please note that these text boxes are limited to 1200 characters (approximately 200-250 words).

Academic Strength
Personal Accomplishments (e.g. extracurricular involvement, initiative, volunteerism, work experience, entrepreneurship, fundraising...)
Communication (oral and written)
Creativity (e.g. originality, design, innovation, artistic/musical, problem solving, synthesis...)
Ability to work with others (e.g. collaboration, leadership, engaged participation, inclusive and supportive, respectful, mentorship...)
Maturity (e.g. independence, self-awareness, time management, critical thinking, adaptability...)
Other Comments